Lens Guide

All Chimi lenses are impact resistant with 100% UV (400) protection against UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses is classified by the amount of light that passes through the lens – this is known as luminous transmittance. Our sunglasses are categorised according to the rate of transmission.


The category number indicates the filter strength against sun glare.

Category 0: very limited reduction
Category 1: limited reduction
Category 2: good protection
Category 3: high protection
Category 4: very high protection


Category 1: Yellow gradient. Mango, Peach and Guava Clear.
Category 2: Red lenses and blue gradient. Acai, Kiwi, Coco and Aqua Clear. Aqua and Mango Mirror.
Category 3: Black, brown, silver and tinted lenses. Black and purple gradient. Acai, Coco, Guava, Kiwi and Peach Mirror.


Ski Acai: Mirror C3, Clear C1
Ski Aqua: Mirror C3, Clear C1
Ski Berry: Mirror C4, Clear C2
Ski Coco: Mirror C2, Clear C3
Ski Ginger: Mirror C4, Clear C2
Ski Guava: Mirror C2, Clear C1
Ski Kiwi: Mirror C2, Clear C2
Ski Litchi: Mirror C3, Clear C1
Ski Mango: Mirror C2, Clear C1
Ski Peach: Mirror C3, Clear C1


All of our lenses pass/meet the Europe, US and Australian/New Zealand safety standards.