About Us

Chimi Eyewear

“Colourful shades for colourful people”

Fast becoming one of Europe’s leading names in high-end fashion eyewear, Chimi first launched in 2016. Founded by childhood friends, Charlie Lindström – who identified a lack of accessory choice whilst working as a stylist, and Daniel Djurdjevic – with a background in digital marketing, who between them sought to create a product that would fit flawlessly into the burgeoning social media market.

With the HQ and flagship store located at Kungsgatan 6, Stockholm, this fresh, independent brand boasts a core collection of 8 styles, 11 colours, 3 lenses and counting. Delivering a perfect balance of premium product quality, creativity and accessibility, Chimi’s are multicolour, multipurpose with multiple choice.

Chimi was awarded Best Eyewear Brand in Sweden, 2018.

To get in contact with us; please email support@chimieyewear.com